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Series: Collecting the Mechanics Part 1: The Singles

Here at MR Net, it is always our pleasure to get to feature articles and reviews from other fans. Over the coming months we will be sharing a short series of features on the collecting aspect of fandom.

Words and photos by Alan Hewitt of The Waiting Room.


Another Cup Of Coffee/The Living Years-How Long-Every Day Hurts (Medley) UK single with art box (1995)

Fans are a peculiar lot, aren’t they?  Whatever you are a fan of, there are so many areas in which you can exercise your desire to be the ultimate anorak.  If you are a music fan, then there are perhaps even more than average opportunities for anorak-y behaviour and these features will demonstrate a couple of those for you here.

Fans of the Mechanics have had no shortage of interesting bits and pieces to collect over the years, not least in terms of singles, and I will place the emphasis here on the UK output by the band simply because I have never collected overseas variants of releases,  mainly because they have never (with one exception which is included here for completeness’ sake) contained any material which has not been available in the UK and although they are often housed in very attractive sleeves, it is the music that matters here at TWR HQ.

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