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Ringsted Festival and Osfest

Ringsted J Wollesen

Mike + the Mechanics at the 2016 Ringsted Festival. Photo: Jens Wollesen via

The band started the month off with a couple of festival performances in Denmark and Norway. First up was the Ringsted Festival on the 4th of August, videos from which can be seen below.

Danish website have uploaded a large selection of really nice photos from the festival, taken by Jens Wollesen. You can also find a number of photos on radio station Partyzone’s Facebook site.

Andris Hamre Osfest

Mike + the Mechanics at Osfest. Photo: Andris Hamre via Midtsiden

On Saturday the 6th, the band performed at Osfest in Osøyri, Norway. According to the paper Midtsiden, the show went very well despite some organisational issues around festival promotion. You can see the article (in Norwegian) and find more photos on the Midtsiden website, who were also responsible for uploading the video below (the Mechanics appear at around the 3:48 mark).

If you’ve missed the chance to see the Mechanics at one of their festival dates this summer, never fear, you still have the chance to see them in September if you’re in or near Germany. Go here to find more information about tickets.