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Review: Perfectly Mike + the Mechanics

Radio Gdansk MatM

Photo via Radio Gdansk

This review excerpt originally appeared as “Perfekcyjni Mike & The Mechanics” on July 26, 2016 on the Radio Gdańsk website. Translation by Martin M. for MR Net.

Mike & the Mechanics played great technically. The two singers had a great connection with the audience. People’s hands rose up and the amphitheatre was filled people chanting in unison. Still, I thought it lacked a certain touch. I have to say that the performance, while musically impeccable, was precise but not elating. At the same time, I have to repeat that Andrew Roachford and Tim Howar were a revelation.

Howar, the former leader of Van Tramp, deserves special credit. My rating might be biased by a speech in which he said how he ended up playing with Mike Rutherford (his idol) by coincidence. Carrying Genesis classics, works created by Rutherford, is a big challenge and I think Howar pulled it off and not as an imitator, but as someone confident in his artistic ability. It’s funny how a group that has had so many hits played Genesis songs, like a slight taunt, but the audience received those performances warmly.

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