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FL1 LIFE Festival, Wintershall and the British Grand Prix


Photo via FL1 LIFE

The summer is carrying on quickly, and the month of July started out with a bang for the Mechanics who “worked the crowd up to a fever pitch” at the FL1 LIFE Festival in Liechtenstein (Vaterland).

Many thanks to Dominik Konrad Photography for letting us upload his photos from the event. You can find more photos from the festival on the FL1 LIFE Facebook page.

The next day the band made their way back to England to Wintershall, where they performed alongside Roger Taylor, Jeff Beck, The Darkness and others in support of HASTE and the James Wentworth-Stanley Memorial Fund in what reviewer Chaz Brooks called a “memorable show”, crediting the “superb vocalists” Tim and Andrew.

You can watch a video of the band performing Silent Running at Wintershall below. Thank you to YouTube user clangers234 for uploading it.

This past weekend then saw the band giving a performance at this year’s Formula 1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone. It was obvious from the band’s official Twitter alone that they had a smashing time, though it would be difficult not to in that setting! Silverstone shared a couple of photos from the day as well:

Next up this month is the Rock Legend Festival with Marillion in Poland on the 25th, and we will be back then to hopefully share some more photos and videos!

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