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Article: Mike Rutherford: Ignorance about diabetes is rife

Mike recently spoke with the Daily Express about his family’s experience with Type 1 diabetes. Interview by Jane Symons.


Photo by Nick Cunard

Amid the constant kaleidoscope of headlines warning of a diabetes epidemic and the ongoing debate around the sugar tax it’s easy to forget that there are two quite different forms of the condition – and that’s a worry for the families of thousands of children who are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes every year.

Genetics play a part in both forms of the condition which causes blood sugar levels to become too high and can seriously damage the body’s organs, so it would be wrong to blame anyone for developing diabetes. But it can feel particularly unfair when it comes to those with Type 1 as, unlike Type 2, obesity and unhealthy habits such as lack of exercise are not risk factors. However ignorance is rife, as Mike Rutherford, a founding member of Genesis, knows all too well.

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