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Article: My haven: Mike Rutherford […] in his Surrey studio

Mike talks to Adrian Thrills for MailOnline about objects that hold a special significance for him.


If I have a sense of belonging anywhere, it’s here in this recording studio in an old barn that Genesis bought in 1980. It was around the same time as my wife Angie and I moved to Surrey from London and we live nearby. I’ve made a lot of music here, with Genesis and my other band, Mike + The Mechanics. The picture on the wall is from the video for the Genesis single Land Of Confusion, made by the people who did the Spitting Image puppets – they could have made my nose a little bigger!

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Article: Mike Rutherford: Father was Genesis of my music

Mike talks to the Daily Express in conjunction with the release of his book. Interview by Jane Clinton.


He was immersed in the fame of Genesis on tour in the United States when, in 1986, he received a phone call to say William, a distinguished Second World War naval captain, had died.

“I’d never told my dad that I loved him and my biggest regret was not telling him what a wonderful man he’d been in my life,” says Rutherford.

He derives consolation from the fact that both his mother and father saw the band, of which he was a founding member, “do well”, as he puts it.

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